Grace UMC welcomes pastor

Dick Williams returns to his Mifflin County roots

LEWISTOWN — Pastor Dick Williams has returned to Mifflin County after almost 50 years.

Grace United Methodist Church, Logan Street, Lewistown, welcomed Williams just over a month ago.

“I’ve felt tremendously welcomed during my first month here,” he said. “They have so much warmth, friendliness and love of the Lord.”

Williams was appointed to Grace UMC by his bishop, and he was excited by the Lewistown location because he grew up in Mount Union.

During his childhood, Williams attended a Presbyterian church weekly with his family. He met his wife, Pamela, in the church’s youth fellowship program.

After graduating from high school, Williams dedicated four years to the United States Air Force as an Arab linguist, followed by working two years at a state job.

He decided to go down a religious path, and attended Mansfield University and Gettysburg Seminary.

During his time at school, Williams and Pamela met two people who were “more alive” than they thought was ever possible.

“I found out that it was their relationship with Christ making them so alive,” Williams said. “That’s what changed us.”

Williams said he had begun the process of a pastoral career, but discovered his true calling to serve the Lord after meeting those people.

“I was always religious, but I had no relationship with Christ. That’s what changed,” he explained. “It solidified my call to ministry.”

Williams has worked in ministry for about 40 years and he is looking forward to his chapter at Grace UMC.

“Three things I’m known for are my enthusiasm, sense of humor and unusual neckties,” Williams said.

His vision is to make disciples of Jesus by introducing people to a relationship with the Lord. He will achieve this by using ministries Grace UMC already has to build bridges into the community.

Pamela also plans to be active with the church’s ministries. She has written devotionals for several publications including eight Chicken Soup for the Soul books, and has authored three of her own published books.

Williams said Grace UMC is a generational church with classes and events for all ages.

Sunday worship begins at 9:15 a.m. and Sunday school classes for all ages begins at 10:25 a.m.

Bible study begins in September and is held on Wednesdays at both 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Grace UMC has active youth and children ministries with event information available on the Grace UMC website; for example, the children ministry has a mini-golf outing planned this month.

Visit or call (717) 248-5311 for more church information.