Find comfort in our Savior


Recently, a dear friend shared with me concerning something really horrible that was said to her — and it devastated her.

I could see why. It’s enough to make a brave soul want to just run and hide, which reminded me of a memory from my past.

I was only 3 years old. I know, that seems too young to remember, but the facts match up as to where we lived and so on. I really was just 3. My dear grandfather used to play Santa for us children each year at Christmas. He’d come, dressed in his Santa get-up, all red and jolly, long white beard intact.

Those big, black boots intimidated me, but more than that was his voice. Something about his voice was so familiar. And those eyes, so tender, smiling down at me. I recall suddenly feeling a need to hide from his intense, tender, yet frightening gaze.

And so I ran. I ran and jumped over a chair in the corner of our living room, hunched down and waited and waited for that voice. He went from room to room calling out, “Debby….Debby….Debby Sue!” I could tell he was getting closer and I felt my heart racing, my breath nearly gone. And then, there he stood, peering down at me, with those eyes, and that voice, and I was sure I’d die! But, I didn’t die.

He reached down and gently picked me up, smiling all the while, and his eyes sparkled with so much love. He reached over his shoulder, and pulled his big sack of goodies in front of me and told me to reach inside, and get my treats. They were luscious oranges and small boxes of chocolates to please all of our tastes. How I remember, I thought to myself, “I know that he is my pappy. I can tell by his voice and his eyes.” I recall that I wasn’t afraid any longer. Ah, memories! Did you ever wonder why some things are deeply impressed on our minds while others just slip by? This one stuck and runs deep.

Pappy was playing the God part of this scene. Those gentle eyes, so full of love, softly calling out my name. He knew my name! When he pulled me into his big, strong arms, I knew I was safe and I was loved. Friends, are you with me here?

God loves you so very tenderly. He longs to hold you in His big, strong arms and comfort you. You are safe there. Nothing anybody says to you or about you matters once you’re held in His arms. You are His. Please don’t run and hide from Him. So many do, and they miss the blessings of His touch; they miss the “goodies” He offers, not just at Christmas, but for now and into eternity.

Many a soul have been deeply wounded by something someone said, by rejection. It’s been said that rejection steals the best of who I am by reinforcing the worst of what’s been said to me. Think about that. Are you truly going to give the offender that much control over your life? So much that it destroys you? God forbid! Run to the arms of the gentle Savior and find comfort and rest and freedom to be who God created you to be!

Lord, there are many who struggle with acceptance. Help us to remember that we belong to You, that You will protect us. You call us by name. We can hear You softly calling, Lord. Help us to run to You and find that love and acceptance that is not found in the things of this world. We love You, Lord. In Jesus’ name, I Pray. Amen.


Debby Renninger is a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. She holds a Bible study in her home in McVeytown, where seeking women are always welcome. She may be reached at (717) 250-7086 for speaking engagements.