Jesus is our unfailing example


Hello everybody. We are Bobbi and Barbie. Two of God’s Grace Girls. We are still learning the old saying about grace being more than a prayer before a meal, but an actual way to live. God graces us each and every day and this is our first written article together. We are a multi-media ministry and we are blessed to be a blessing.

The following is a real-life story and we hope you enjoy our simple way of bringing our message into your homes:

Roberta Griebel

While working as the business manager for the sales department of a GMC dealership, I became familiar with the vehicles that we sold so that I could discuss the features of each model and be prepared to answer questions. Occasionally, I would find out interesting facts that I could share with my customers so that we would have things to talk about while we waited to hear back from banks regarding credit approvals or if I just simply needed to by the customers at ease.

One of the things that I had learned was that GMC named one of its trim levels Denali. It was a designation given to the “top of the line” as far as comfort and quality and performance…the best. Denali is actually an Indian term meaning “the high one” as in Mount McKinnley in Denali Mountain Range. Not only was the term a reference to the size and majestic beauty of the mountain itself; but it also had a spiritual connotation. Denali acknowledged the Creator of All.

I was so taken by the word Denali that I decided to give the name to a pup I had just gotten. At first it was her name because I liked the sound of the name and that it was unique. As Denali matured, I realized that it was the perfect name for her. Denali has a very special personality. She loved everyone. Everyone through the front door of the house, she greeted as though they were there just to see her. She loved other dogs. She really enjoyed playing, romping, eating . . .she was exuberant, joyful . . .truly a happy pup.

One day I was working with her so that she would learn to relax and walk on a leash without pulling and straining. Before we even got off my porch, she had somehow broken free from the leash and immediately went running toward a man who I often saw walking up my street. I don’t like to admit it, but I usually avoided this man because he was a bit scruffy looking and often appeared to have a scowl on his face. He really didn’t look approachable at all.

Well, of course, Denali was headed directly toward this man. Her tail was wagging and she was happily dancing about the man as I hurried to catch up. I started to scold her when all at once, the man crouches down to Denali and hugs her, allowing her to lick his face as he smiled a genuine happy smile. “Oh, don’t scold her,” he said laughing. “This girl has a beautiful, sweet spirit. Don’t crush it.” As we talked, he explained that he was walking to get exercise following a scare with his heart. He said he had seen me several times in my yard with Denali and my other dog, Sierra. Denali was a golden, buff colored cocker spaniel-sheltie mix and Sierra was a miniature sheltie. It turned out he was actually a very nice, friendly guy. Really the only thing scruffy about him was his beard.

When Denali and I went back inside my house, I realized she had taught me something important. She never saw the man as unapproachable. What I had seen as a scowl was quite possibly the expression on the face of a man overcoming a health scare. . .maybe even of grimace of pain. I had made a judgment about him without an attempt to really know him.

Denali saw everyone the same. Here comes someone I can love and she was good at it.


When Bobbi worked for a particular dealership, she made herself familiar with the vehicles she would be selling. That spells success. She know that to be excellent at what she did, she would take study and careful attention to details. This applies to our Christian Walk also. The word of God tells us to study to show ourselves approved into God. To be learned and able to take command. To be teachable and also willing to teach, to show God’s way.

Bobbi sold a vehicle that was top of the line and was very appropriately named. It was named after a majestic mountain range. Our Creator is recognized and exalted Denali. The name so enthralled Bobbi that she named her newest pet dog after it. She told me she loved saying that name. Hey! That reminds me of the greatest name there is, Jesus! How majestic and how sweet to our tongues. Just the mention of his name reminds me of who He is an what He does for us. The Bible tells us there is coming a day when every knee will bow and that every tongue will confess that He is Lord. Don’t wait for that day. Confess Jesus now. Say it! Jesus, you are Lord!

Bobbi shares that her pup was so loving and grew in stature to become super loving and always happy and joyful. She greeted everyone as if they were the most important person in the world. That’s how Jesus is toward us and He wants all of us to know we are special. We are unique and that there is no one quite like us. He loves us all, but at the same time, He makes us feel as if we are the only one.

As Denali grew, she needed training as do we. She needed time to learn good behavior skills and to develop good and strong character traits. She was obedient and continued to grow and learn. That’s as it should be for us. Be obedient, mature in Christ and go forth with a loving attitude. What showmanship! Jesus was our loving and unfailing example.

There came a time when Denali broke free from her instructions and threw all caution aside. She ran toward a man one day and ignored all she was taught. Jesus was always obedient, but He wants us to know that when we fail, he still loves us. Amen! Bobbi’s loveable pet saw someone that she wanted to greet someone she wanted to “love on.” This was her character, loving and exuberant. She did what she was best at doing. She loved life and showed it. She loved others and never looked for her loving to be rejected. She gave that man just what he needed that day. Life had given him a big challenge regarding his health. He needed to be “loved on” and Denali went for the gold. She gave him all that she had and it paid off. She wasn’t harmed and they both received from the other. Bobbi saw things that she needed to see that day. She began to look at life and its situations with a clearer lens. Blessed to be a blessing.

We do need to be cautious at times in relationships. Holy Spirit will give us guidance and awareness as we seek Him throughout our daily Christian Walk. When we have His “go ahead,” we can go al out to be what He wants us to be. We can be thoughtful and kind and life to help others know the love of God. We can show His compassion wherever we go and give out smiles and handshakes and, at times, big hugs. Showing the love of Jesus will help us grow and will be a blessing to many. The m ore we are willing to be expressive with love just like Denali, the more opportunities we will be given. Love is the first fruit and is the “activator” of all the others. As the fruit grows, we become more like Jesus. More loving and peaceful and gentle and good. Expanding in faith and patience an humility. More willing to wait upon the Lord for His timing of His diving will for us. We can be Top of the Line!

Do we want to be instructed by the Master? Then go for the gold. Stay in the word and walk in the word. Realize the necessity of God by living. Learn the Master’s way and become teachable. and loving, willingly be obedient to follow Him wherever He would lead. He’ll never lead us astray and He will always be all that we need. Now remember, no one loves you the way hat God loves you. And we love you, too!