One man’s mission

MIFFLINTOWN – The author of the book “The Heavenly Man” will share his testimony and his mission to bring the Gospel to the core countries of Christian persecution during a visit this month in the Juniata Valley.

Brother Yun, whose real name is Liu Zhenying, will speak at 7 p.m. March 20 at Juniata High School.

Yun is a Chinese house church leader who grew up in a poor village in the Henan Province of China. He suffered torture, interrogation and imprisonment for his faith and shares his accounts in great detail in “The Heavenly Man.” In the book, he tells of his escape in 1997 from Zhengzhou Maximum Security Prison, among other miracles he said he has encountered.

Eugene Bach is part of Yun’s ministry and serves with him around the world. He spoke to The Sentinel on Yun’s behalf.

Bach, who currently is serving as a missionary in Hong Kong, said Yun’s tour that is coming to Mifflintown is called “Bless Your Enemies.” He said 100 percent of the funds raised at these events go toward sending Bibles and missionaries to three countries where Christian persecution thrives – China, North Korea and Iran.

“For years, China, North Korea and Iran have not only persecuted Christians but they continue to pose a very real physical threat to the rest of the world,” he said. “China’s military is continuing to grow as a force, threatening security of world stability. North Korea and Iran’s defiant development of nuclear weapons pose a continual threat to Asia, The Middle East and Israel.”

Bach said many world leaders have tried to deal with the continuing threats. He listed sanctions and joint military maneuvers that have failed.

He asked: “What if we try God’s way for a change? What if instead of sending bombs we send Bibles? What if instead of sending soldiers we send missionaries? What if we choose to love our enemies?”

Bach said this will be the main focus of Brother Yun’s presentation March 20 at JHS. He also will tell stories of his own imprisonment and persecution.

Bach has been working alongside Yun for 16 years. He is responsible for carrying out projects with the underground house church in what they call “Back to Jerusalem.” He said it is “basically the Chinese version of the Great Commission.”

Bach works with Chinese missionaries and helps set up platforms that enable them to share the Gospel while starting underground churches in places like North Korea and Iran.

What few people realize or know about the ministry, Bach said, is that they also work closely with Amish and Mennonite communities here in the United States “in a joint effort to get the love of Jesus Christ to the darkest areas of the world.”

Throughout Yun’s book, he quotes scripture he had memorized – entire books at a time. He said he is only alive today because of the grace of God.

A quote from the book: “The more I meditated on God’s grace, the more faith I received.”

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