McAlisterville woman charged for drugging, raping two people

SELINSGROVE — A McAlisterville woman was arraigned Tuesday in Snyder County after being charged June 5 for drugging two people and participating in sexual activities with them against their will, court documents indicate.

Documents state in February 2016, two people were invited to a camper in which Chanel H. Kantz, 28, of McAlisterville, resided with Craig L. Poust, 45, of Huntingdon. One person reported the gathering included only Kantz, Poust and the accusers and during their visit, Kantz offered the accusers some Ativan, which both people declined.

Soon after, Kantz reportedly suggested they all take shots of vodka, to which the accusers agreed. One accuser reported taking two or three shots before “everything became fuzzy.” The accuser reported they could only remember pieces of the remaining evening, including having sexual contact with both Poust and Kantz and being instructed by Poust to behave sexually with the other accuser and Kantz. The accuser reported they were not willing to have any kind of sexual encounter and did not want to do anything that Poust instructed, but they felt “out of it” and unable to control the situation, court documents indicate. The accuser further reported Poust and Kantz dressed both accusers in tutus and took pictures of them.

The other accuser told police that neither person intended to have sexual contact with Poust and Kantz when they accepted Kantz’s invitation and believed they were both drugged. The accuser also reported they heard a rumor about similar situations happening with Poust. According to court documents, police learned of these accusers while they were investigating the rape of a 20 year old in January 2015.

Poust and Kantz were taken into custody on unrelated charges in California in which multiple cellphones and computer equipment were seized, then shipped to an investigating officer in Pennsylvania court documents indicate. Five photographs were reportedly recovered of both accusers in sexual contact with each other, two of which included Kantz having contact with them.

Documents state Kantz was charged with 17 counts, including three felony counts rape of an impaired person, three felony counts indecent deviant sexual intercourse, three felony counts sexual assault, two felony counts aggravated indecent assault and six misdemeanor counts indecent sexual assault. Documents indicate Poust was also charged with the same counts, in connection to the same incident. Magisterial District Judge Lori Hackenberg set bail at $100,000 unsecured for Kantz and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 18.


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