Middleburg pair faces corruption of minors charges

MIDDLEBURG — A 24-year-old man was committed to Snyder County jail on $15,000 bail Friday after being charged with sending sexual content to a 14 year old and being aware of, and not preventing, several sex encounters between an adult male and a juvenile. The man’s 20-year-old girlfriend was charged May 7 for also being aware of, and not preventing, the same sexual encounters.

Court documents state Daniel Dugan, of Middleburg, and Destiny T. Burkey, of Beaver Springs, met with Michael A. Hosterman, 21, of Selinsgrove, and a 14 year old at the Hotel Middleburger in February. Dugan reportedly provided alcohol to the juvenile and Hosterman engaged in sexual activity with the 14 year old after the teen had consumed the alcohol. Later, Dugan provided Hosterman with an old cellphone and set up Snapchat between the two of them, Burkey and the teen, during which Dugan made comments that he wanted to help Hosterman “get laid” by the juvenile, court documents state.

Dugan was allegedly observed by Hosterman entering the teen’s bedroom several times while Hosterman and the juvenile engaged in sexual activity. Dugan, Burkey and Hosterman also met with the juvenile at the teen’s school and walked the teen to Hosterman’s residence, where Hosterman engaged in sexual activity with the teen in Hosterman’s bedroom. Documents indicate that Dugan and Burkey were present in the room while the encounter occurred.

Hosterman was arrested on March 18 for a probation violation and was interviewed by police on March 20, court documents state. Hosterman told police that Dugan said the 14 year old is his cousin and that Dugan and the juvenile communicate via phone or text daily. Hosterman also told police Dugan encouraged him to call the school and pretend to the the juvenile’s relative in order to get the teen out of school early. He also reported that he placed the call from Dugan’s phone.

Police interviewed Dugan prior to interviewing Hosterman, who reported that he and Burkey went with Hosterman to meet with juvenile at the teen’s residence in February and that he witnessed Hosterman having sex with the juvenile in the teen’s bedroom. Dugan also told police that he, Burkey and Hosterman met with the juvenile at Hosterman’s residence, that Hosterman engaged in sexual activity with the teen while Dugan and Burkey were also having sex, that the teen did not want to have sex with Hosterman and that the juvenile told Hosterman “no.” Dugan admitted that he did not attempt to stop the sexual encounter after learning the teen did not want to have sex, court documents indicate.

Dugan also reported he gave Hosterman a cellphone to use and that Hosterman had sent and received nude photos of females under 18 years old. Police searched the phone and found that after Hosterman had been sent to jail for violating probation, Dugan had taken a screenshot of conversations detailing sexual acts and photos and sent the screenshot of the sexual conversation and photos to a 14 year old contact of Hosterman’s, via Snapchat.

Six counts, including two counts corruption of minors and one felony count dissemination of sexually explicit materials, were filed Tuesday against Dugan. Dugan had a preliminary arraignment before Magisterial District Judge Lori Hackenberg on Friday afternoon and a preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 23. One misdemeanor count of corruption of minors was filed against Burkey and her preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 2.

Hosterman was charged in March with misdemeanor counts of indecent assault and disorderly conduct, as well as two summary harassment charges and is scheduled for formal arraignment before President Judge Michael Hudock on July 22 in the Snyder County Court of Common Pleas.