Man from McClure charged with assault and resisting arrest

BELLEVILLE — A 23-year-old man was charged Saturday with felony aggravated assault, after attempting to inflict injuries onto police while being arrested and implying a threat to one of the officers.

Court documents state Shawn C. Koch, 23, of McClure, was intoxicated late Friday night while visiting a Belleville residence. The owners of the residence called police to report Koch was drunk and trying to engage in a fight, then reported he had passed out in their driveway. According to court documents, Mifflin County Communications reported Koch is on the county probation and parole list.

When police arrived to the residence, the owners reportedly told police Koch was not permitted at their residence and they allowed the police entry after officers observed Koch enter the residence from the back. Later, one of the owners told police Koch was drinking heavily that evening and he kept saying he wanted to fight someone. The owner also said he tried to de-escalate Koch by telling him police might be called, to which Koch expressed no concern. The owner further reported Koch tackled him into the side of the residence while the two were outside and that continued interaction with Koch was unproductive.

The owner also told police Koch previously indicated he would go into one of the neighboring residences to find a person to fight and police spoke to a next-door neighbor, who reported Koch asked her if she wanted to fight while she was unloading groceries from her vehicle .

Police interviewed Koch inside the residence and observed brush burn abrasions and cuts on his arms, hands, head and torso, which Koch said happened because he fell in the grass. Police reported the whites of Koch’s eyes were red and glassy, that Koch was unsteady on his feet when he walked about the living room and there was a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his person.

The residence owners told police they were concerned for the safety of their children with Koch in their home. Police reported one child was asleep in an infant seat on the living room floor and another was asleep on the couch during the incident.

Police advised Koch he would be placed under arrest for public intoxication and they would not contact probation if he cooperated, but Koch reportedly became enraged and said he was not on probation. Police said Koch cooperated temporarily and requested to be handcuffed in front of his person, but almost immediately became agitated and argumentative with officers after the handcuffs were secured.

While attempting to remove Koch from the residence, police said Koch’s aggressive behavior escalated and he refused to leave the residence. Koch reportedly tensed his arms and threw his weight around while police were escorting him to the patrol car, causing officers to use significant force to restrain him, court documents indicate. Koch also reportedly screamed, used profanities and threatened the officers until reaching the police car, then attempted to pull away from their grasp when handcuffs and leg shackles were applied.

En route to the Mifflin County Correctional Facility, Koch continued to scream, make threats, use profanities and be combative. After arriving at the Mifflin County Correctional Facility, Koch’s behavior reportedly continued while he was escorted by prison staff and he attempted to lunge at one of the arresting officers.

Documents state Koch was charged with a total of six counts, including two counts assault, two counts disorderly conduct, one count resisting arrest and one count public drunkenness. Magisterial District Judge Jack Miller set bail at $40,000 during a preliminary arraignment and Koch was committed to the Mifflin County Correctional Facility, unable to post the bail set. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 28.