Election open to all voters

LEWISTOWN — Though the choice for county and local elected positions, listed on Tuesday’s primary election ballot, are limited to registered Republican and Democratic voters, Eva Weyrich, Voter Registrar for Juniata County and Zane Swanger, director of Mifflin County Voter Registrations and Elections both want their community members to know that the special election of the U.S. Representative for the 12th Congressional District, also scheduled for Tuesday, is open for all who are registered to vote.

“Every registered voter … is able to participate in the special election on Tuesday,” Swanger said, including those registered independent, green, libertarian or even non-affiliated.”

Weyrich said the special election is the only item on the ballot open to all registered voters, regardless of their political affiliation, as did Swanger. Swanger said that specimen ballots are available at Election Central on the Mifflin County website, www.co.mifflin.pa.us/dept/VoterReg/Pages/ElectionCentral.aspx.

In January, Tom Marino, who was re-elected in the 2018 general election to represent Mifflin, Juniata, Snyder and Perry counties in congress, announced his plan to step down, finishing his fifth term on Jan. 23. In February, the state Democratic Party nominated Marc Friedenberg as the Democratic Party’s candidate for the seat and the Republican Party selected state Rep. Fred Keller (R-85) to run as the GOP candidate.