Local woman charged with impersonating public servant

LEWISTOWN — A Lewistown woman awaits two preliminary hearings next month, regarding misdemeanor charges of impersonating a public servant, reporting a false alarm to police and making false reports, court documents state.

Documents indicate that 23-year-old Ruby Shilling was charged in March with impersonating a public servant after contacting a landlord in Juniata County, claiming to be a particular Juniata County Children and Youth social worker and advising him that children were being placed in the custody of their mother, who was living with one of his tenants. Shilling reportedly was visiting a friend in Lewistown when she called the landlord on Feb. 14 from a relative’s phone, initially, claiming to be the children’s grandmother and advising him of the same action, according to court documents. Documents indicate that Shilling reportedly later called two other times from the same number, claiming to be the CYS social worker. The landlord told police his tenant cannot have children living at the rental property because there is a swimming pool and that his tenant is aware of this restriction.

Police made contact with Shilling’s relative who reportedly had no knowledge of Shilling’s actions on the night in question, court documents indicate. Documents further indicate two witnesses, who were at the residence from which Shilling made the calls on Feb. 14, told police that Shilling did use the relative’s phone on Feb. 14 and one witness reported hearing Shilling call the landlord and claim she was the named CYS social worker.

Police interviewed the named CYS worker and confirmed that she was not on-call on Feb. 14 and interviewed the CYS social worker who was on call on Feb. 14. The on-call social worker reported that Shilling had spoken to her on the date in question and provided a report documenting the conversation, according to court documents. A 9-1-1 call from Juniata County Communications recorded Shilling calling 9-1-1 and asking to speak to someone from CYS regarding her grandchildren seeing their mother, who was recently released from rehab and was staying with the man identified as the landlord’s tenant. The call recorded that Shilling gave her actual first and last name to the 9-1-1 operator and asked that CYS be paged and call her back on the same number used to call the landlord.

Police interviewed Shilling on Feb. 28, who initially admitted to calling 9-1-1 and asking to speak to CYS and also admitted to impersonating the named CYS worker, court documents state. Documents indicate Shilling said she was upset at that particular social worker because of an existing custody issue in which the social worker is involved and that her children were taken away by the social worker. Police reported that Shilling said she impersonated the CYS social worker in attempt to get the social worker in trouble. Shilling completed and submitted a non-custodial written statement corroborating her oral interview, court documents state.

Later that day, Shilling called police and told them her statement was false because she was at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House in Lewistown on Feb. 14 and that video cameras at the restaurant would confirm she was there. On March 1, the restaurant manager advised police that video is only stored for two weeks and, therefore, would not show any activity on Feb. 14.

In April, Shilling was charged with reporting a false alarm and two counts of making false reports after telling Lewistown Police Department she was raped and an investigation determined she was not, court documents indicate. An LPD officer reported to the Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital Emergency Department on April 4 where Shilling told an officer that she had been raped on March 31, court documents state. Documents indicate that Shilling said she called 9-1-1 and reported the rape to LPD within 24 hours after it happened, but that a tall, thin officer with gray hair said he would not do anything with the report. The officer on scene reported that no LPD officer matches Shilling’s description. Shilling told police that a man she knew raped her while she was visiting a friend on the day of the incident and her father at her friend’s residence and that both the friend and father were present during the incident, court documents indicate. Documents further indicate that Shilling said her father let his dog go after her alleged rapist and that dog bit the alleged rapist on the ankle to the extent that it caused the man to bleed.

Dispatch workers told police that Shilling did call 9-1-1 early in the morning on April 1, but that she had requested an ambulance for headaches and light-headedness, but made no mention about being sexually assaulted. The emergency medical technician who treated Shilling on April 1 told police that Shilling only spoke about current, unrelated medical issues to her and said nothing about being raped. The EMT further reported that no police officer was on scene during this treatment.

Police interviewed the friend and Shilling’s father, both of whom reported that Shilling was not at the friend’s residence on March 31, nor was the man Shilling claimed raped her, court documents state. Documents state that Shilling’s father stated he did not sick his dog on anyone and was unaware of any rape taking place. Police also interviewed the man Shilling claimed raped her, court documents state. Documents indicate the man was helping a friend at his friend’s place of work on March 31, then visited another friend. The man also showed police his ankle, which had no signs of a dog bite, court documents state.

Shilling is scheduled to appear before Magisterial District Judge Jack Miller on May 1 for the false reports and false alarm charges and May 3 for the impersonating a public servant charge, court documents state.