Candidates speak at banquet

MCVEYTOWN — Several political candidates running for local and state office had the opportunity to speak during the Mifflin County Republican Committee’s spring banquet on Thursday night at the Penn Valley Christian Retreat, McVeytown.

Following comments from State Representatives Rich Irvin (R-Huntingdon) and John Hershey (R-Mifflintown) regarding their current work in the state House, the night featured introductions from Pennsylvania Superior Court candidates Christylee Peck and Rebecca Warren.

Both Peck and Warren spoke of their experiences and work in the court system and their desire to serve justice where needed. Most notably, Warren stated that she was compelled to run for office due to a tragedy that struck her family.

“I lost my father and my brother in a double homicide by vehicle and the person who killed them had connections and she was not going to be charged,” Warren said. “What my family and I experienced was a system that was broken in so many ways.” She went on to explain that the woman responsible for the deaths of her family members was eventually charged and she pleaded guilty, but only due to the resources Warren had — her goal is to provide those same resources and justice for everyone where it is deserved.

“After I secured justice for my family, I found myself asking, ‘If I hadn’t been an attorney, if I didn’t know the system, would my family have received justice?’ And I always found myself answering that question, ‘Absolutely not.'”

In addition to Peck and Warren, the event also featured the following candidates for local office:

¯Beth Laughlin and Fred Nickel, for Mifflin County School Board.

¯Helen Kirk, for Mifflin County auditor.

¯Barbara Clemmons, write-in for Mifflin County auditor.

¯Alan Sunderland, for Mifflin County coroner.

¯Chris Torquato, for Mifflin County district attorney.

¯Tammy Stuck, for Mifflin County prothonotary.

¯Aaron Wilson, Mark Sunderland, Ted Reed and Rob Postal, for Mifflin County commissioners.

Fred Keller, of Snyder County, also had the opportunity to speak in regards to his race for representative of the U.S. 12th Congressional District. Keller is running against Democratic nominee Marc Friedenberg for former U.S. Congressman Tom Marino’s seat, following Marino’s resignation earlier this year. Along with those running for both state and local office, Keller and Friedenberg’s names will appear on the ballot on May 21 as part of a special election.

“May 21 is an important day, there is a lot at stake,” Keller said. “Now I’m asking the people of the 12th Congressional District, please help me make sure we’re taking our values to Washington D.C.”