Roush announces bid for magisterial district judge

MIFFLINTOWN — Richard K. Roush has announced his candidacy for magisterial district judge in District 41-3-01, which covers the boroughs of Mifflintown and Thompsontown, as well as Delaware, Fayette, Fermanagh, Greenwood, Monroe and Susquehanna townships.

Roush, who grew up in McAlisterville, has been doing business locally since 1972, primarily as owner and operator of Roush Insurance Group Inc, in Mifflintown and McAlisterville. He has launched several other businesses, including Excel Homes Inc, Roush-Germak Real Estate, Nassau Communications and Advanced Tele-Management Corp.

Roush said the diversity of his business experiences and the many legal requirements involved in owning and running a variety of companies has made Roush uniquely qualified to be a strong, fair voice for the community as magisterial district judge.

“Our area faces unique issues that will benefit from someone who is engaged in the community, who has lived among and worked with a variety of our residents, who knows the judicial system, and – above all – who will be fair and impartial in interpreting the rules of the court,” Roush said in a press release. “I will decide cases fairly and impartially, free of political influence or intimidation. Regardless of my own personal view or that of the voters, I must follow the laws of the constitutions of the United States and Pennsylvania, and any federal or state statutes.”

Roush currently lives in Mifflintown with Barb, his wife of 28 years, and their two dogs, Rikki and Charlie. They have two sons and five grandchildren. He attended East Juniata High School and helped out at the Ford Dealership that his grandfather Jay Roush founded, as well as at local businesses that his father Dick owned. As a long-standing active member of Lost Creek Presbyterian Church, Roush attributes much of his conservative values to his tight-knit community and his faith.

Roush attended Elizabethtown College and West Virginia University with a minor in business law and later graduated from Oberlin University School of Insurance. In 2018, he graduated from the Pennsylvania Magisterial District Judge Law School and is current and fully certified to immediately perform the duties of the office.

Roush has been active with the Juniata Recreation Center as a sponsor for the successful LA Open Golf Tournament for 25 years and a board member for nine years. He also sat on the Juniata County Business and Industry Board of Directors and was president for multiple years. Roush is also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

“As in running a business, there is often a vast array of emotions going on in a courtroom, and you must be aware of it all. … You must be fair, honest, and help in resolving the issues at hand, all the while keeping the dignity of the court intact,” Roush said. “What I’d like to do to make a difference locally is based on my experience and knowledge of resolving issues by bringing opposing parties to a mutual resolution so that issues can get resolved short of a judge’s ruling. It’s not always possible, but worth the efforts.”