Local woman pleads no-contest to endangering welfare of a child

LEWISTOWN–A Burnham woman, charged in July with one felony count endangering the welfare of a child, pleaded no-contest Tuesday before President Judge David Barron.

In lieu of a bail revocation hearing, Brittney Marshall, 27, tendered her plea and is scheduled for sentencing on March 22.

Document state that Marshall was charged after a FAME ambulance EMT reported seeing a small child crawling out of a second floor window onto the roof and back inside, several times, at Marshall’s Fourth avenue residence, according to court documents. The EMT reported to police that he “tried to make contact with the occupant of the apartment without success.”

Police eventually made contact with Marshall who claimed she was in another part of the residence and did not hear a knock on the door. Marshall said she called the child inside when she realized the child was on the roof. Police noted that Marshall had no idea where her child was, initially.

Prior to the incident, a neighbor reportedly called police regarding a small child walking naked and pushing a toy lawnmower in the middle of Fourth Avenue, according to court documents. When police arrived on scene, they reported that the child was in a yard, unsupervised and still naked. After several attempts to make contact with Marshall, she exited the residence, gathered up the child and started back into the residence.

When police asked Marshall why the child was in the street, naked and unsupervised, they reported that Marshall said the child’s ten-year-old sibling was supposed to be providing supervision. Police reported advising Marshall that it was not acceptable to have an unsupervised toddler running around naked on the street and that charges would be filed for endangering the welfare of children. Police also advised Marshall that Mifflin County Children and Youth Services would be contacted. Marshall said CYS already had an open case regarding her children.

A condition of Marshall’s bail was that she have supervised custody of the child. Barron confirmed during the hearing that Marshall’s grandmother resides with Marshall and that CYS is still involved with the case.