Life-long love: Married couples share their stories

LEWISTOWN–Two local couples each have something in common: their life-long commitment to love.

As a Valentine’s Day reflection, Bill and Connie Maben, of Lewistown, and Amund and Constance Moen, of Mifflin, both shared why their marriages have stood the test of time.

Married 51 years, Bill and Connie Maben, both residents of William Penn Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center, met in junior high study hall, when Connie was in eighth grade and Bill was in seventh grade.

“He sat across the table and started picking on me,” Connie said.

They knew each other for four years before dating for two years. They married in December 1967. Bill went to Vietnam two months after they married and served for 13 months before finally coming home. Two daughters, four grandchildren and four great-grandchildren later, Connie said the best part of their life together has been “being faithful and loyal to him” and Bill said the best part has been “being friends.”

Connie said new Valentines should never go to bed angry and newlyweds need to stay faithful to each other. Their youngest daughter also married her childhood sweetheart and has stayed married to him for 26 years. Connie said the secret to a long marriage is that Bill always put her first, living out their vows to their fullest.

“We’ve lived the ‘sickness and in health’ for more than 25 years,” Connie said.

Amund met Constance when she was 15 years old. He was in his early twenties and was married to Constance’s cousin. After 13 years of marriage to his first wife, Amund became a widower and a father to four young children. Six months later, Amund started writing Constance, while he was in Texas, serving in the United States Airforce. Six months after they started writing, he came up to Pennsylvania and the two were married in Limerick, Pa. Constance became a step-mother to Amund’s children and eventually had two of her own. After 55 years of marriage, they have 16 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Amund also visits Constance every day at Locust Grove Retirement Village.

Constance said the best part of their many years together has been knowing God together and loving each other. Amund said the secret to their long marriage is simple.

“It’s because we’re in love,” Amund said.

“It’s because of the Lord,” Constance said.

To young couples, Constance advises that they settle their disagreements and stay together. Amund advised that newlyweds shouldn’t argue about simple things and accept each others’ opinions.

“Marriage is a serious relationship,” Amund said.