School board given presentation on PTO

Each region of district represented in Juniata Elementary PTO

MIFFLINTOWN – During the Juniata County School Board’s workshop meeting on Wednesday evening, the board listened to a presentation from Shanna Varner in regards to the new Juniata Elementary Parent Teacher Organization.

According to Varner, president of the PTO, the organization originally began last year as the local elementary schools began to close. It was formed as a way to consolidate the Home and School programs associated with Lack Tuscarora Elementary, Tuscarora Valley Elementary, Mountain View Elementary and now, Juniata Elementary. The group itself includes members and officers from each school in order to represent students from each region of the school district.

“We had a mix from each school to make it fair,” Varner said. “We wanted to make sure every school was included.”

Throughout the presentation, Varner described the role of PTO in the school district and provided updates on the organization’s efforts. The group is broken down into several committees including enrichment, hospitality, community fairs, fundraising and student socials. All of the work of the PTO and its committees is geared toward providing students with improved education, social and community experiences. Anyone interested in learning more about PTO or how to get involved can email the group at

In other business, the board discussed the open houses that took place last week for the new Juniata and East Juniata Elementary Schools as well as students’ first day of school in the new buildings. Several board members noted that they were pleased with the turn out for the open house events and they were thankful for the work of the schools’ staff and teachers in order to make the events possible.

The Juniata County School Board’s next meeting will be held on Jan. 17 at the the school district’s administrative office building in Mifflintown.