2 charged in assault incident

McClure men get into fight at treatment facility

MCCLURE — Two men were charged Friday with two counts aggravated assault, two counts simple assault and five counts harassment, following an incident at the Beacon of Light Behavioral Health Unit, court documents indicate.

Documents state that Christopher A. Bartholomew, 18, and Tyler Bixby, 20, both of McClure, were physically fighting each other while being treated at the facility. During the incident, two staff members attempted to break them up but were knocked away and one staff member sustained injuries to his ribs and face after being kneed and kicked multiple times, according to court documents. A chair was thrown during the incident, striking a male nurse in the head and causing him to become unresponsive for approximately 30 seconds, court documents indicate, though documents do not indicate who threw the chair. Bartholomew also reportedly kicked other staff and spit on them during the incident, as well as grabbed and pulled another staff member’s hair, according to court documents.

Police reported it took five staff members to separate Bixby and Bartholomew and restrain them until police arrived. Documents state that, after being separated from Bartholomew, Bixby was observed kicking the air and doing martial arts moves, then striking another person in the stomach.

Bixby faces 10 and Bartholomew faces nine criminal counts. Both men had a preliminary arraignment before Magisterial District Judge Jeffrey Mensch, who set bail at $15,000 for Bixby and $25,000 for Bartholomew. Both were committed to Snyder County Correctional Facility, unable to post the bail set, however Bixby was released on $15,000 surety bonds, posted by Melissa Whistler, following a bail hearing on Monday. A preliminary hearing is scheduled on Jan. 14 for both defendants.