Dippery waives arraignment on 4 counts in Perry County

NEW BLOOMFIELD–Shawn Dippery, 46, of Lewistown, waived his formal arraignment Thursday before Judge Kenneth Mummah, regarding four criminal counts in Perry County, according to court documents. Dippery was charged in October with one felony count deceptive business practices and three misdemeanor counts theft by deception.

According to court documents, Dippery offered to seal coat a Perry County resident’s driveway for $500 in March. The accuser told police that Dippery required a down-payment of $200, for which the accuser wrote a personal check, then demanded she pay the remaining $300 in April, to which she agreed and wrote another personal check. Documents indicate that in June, Dippery requested another $200 for additional materials, which the accuser took from her savings account and paid to Dippery. The accuser told police Dippery said he would do the work on July 10, but never returned to the residence, court documents state.

Police contacted the accuser’s bank in July and bank personnel related that Dippery cashed the first two checks from the accuser at a local branch, according to court documents. Police reported receiving copies of the cashed checks and reviewed surveillance footage showing Dippery at the local branch. Personnel from a different branch related that Dippery cashed the third check at their location and provided police with surveillance camera still of Dippery cashing the check at the drive-through window.

Dippery is scheduled for a criminal list review before Mummah on Jan. 10.