Woman pleads guilty to assault

LEWISTOWN — Heather N. Gross, 25, of Lewistown, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one count terroristic threats and one count simple assault, after having been charged in August with two first degree felony counts aggravated assault, two misdemeanour counts simple assault and one misdemeanour count terroristic threats.

Judge Aaron Gingrich sentenced Gross to a minimum of time-served to a maximum of 12 months incarceration and 30 hours of community service. Gross had a total of 54 days time-served credit.

According to court documents, Gross provided a written statement to police in which she wrote that her ex-boyfriend had “loved her to death” and she took the statement literally. Documents state the victim reported waking up to Gross standing over him and poking him several times to wake him. The victim advised Gross to leave because of their recent break-up, which prompted Gross to stab the accuser, court documents indicate. The victim defended himself from the weapon by grabbing Gross’s arms, but was struck twice by the knife during the struggle, according to court documents. Police reported observing the victim’s chest and neck were bleeding.

In addition to her parole, Gross is financially responsible to pay $300 in fines and the costs of prosecution. Gingrich advised Gross her community service can be remitted if she obtains full time employment.