Setting it straight

¯ Glen E. Kline was a resident of South Brown Street in McClure at the time of his death. His address was incomplete in an obituary that appeared in Thursday’s edition.

¯An article in Tuesday’s edition of The Sentinel did not clearly state recommended ages and timelines for certain vaccines. The shingles vaccine is recommend as a recombinant vaccine after age 50, with the two doses given two to six months apart. After age 60, either the two-dose or one-dose series is recommended, but the two dose recombinant is preferred. The pneumonia vaccine is recommend in two doses beginning at age 65. The PCV 13 should be given first and then PCV 23 a year later. If a patient has received PCV 23, then PCV 13 should be given a year after. Those younger than age 65 should review their needs with their physician.