Millerstown man faces strangulation charges

MILLERSTOWN — A Millerstown man was charged on Aug. 28 with strangulation after reportedly holding an accuser against a wall while applying heavy pressure to the accuser’s neck and impeding the accuser’s ability to breathe, court documents indicate.

According to court documents, Lucas F. Miller, 28, was having a disagreement with the accuser in May when the accuser related a desire to leave the residence. Miller reportedly denied the accuser’s request, picked up a full bottle of window washer fluid and threw the bottle at the accuser, which struck the accuser in the back, court documents state.

The accuser told police Miller then placed his right hand around the accuser’s neck, held the accuser against a wall and applied heavy pressure for approximately five seconds, obstructing the accuser’s airway. The accuser said a three-year-old child was present in the room during the altercation, court documents state.

The accuser attempted to close a door while holding the child and told police that Miller forcefully kicked the door, resulting in the accuser falling to the ground while holding the three-year-old, court documents indicate. The accuser reported yelling in pain, to which Miller reportedly yelled obscenities in response. The next day, the accuser had x-rays conducted which showed a third metacarpal fracture in the left hand, according to court documents. The accuser reportedly texted Miller advising him of the injury to which Miller responded, via text, “yeah you’re right. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I still did. Really bad. Worse than anything I’ve ever done before.”

Miller faces a total of four criminal counts and was arraigned on Aug. 28 before Magisterial District Judge Michael Schechterly, who set bail at $50,000 unsecured. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 21.