Lewistown man pleads not guilty

LEWISTOWN — Timothy P. McConnell, 38, of Lewistown, pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a total of 19 counts spanning two cases. An additional count of criminal trespass was added to one of the cases by District Attorney Christopher Torquato.

“We’re very close to a resolution on (these cases,)” said Public Defender Robert Ferguson.

According to court documents, security footage at the Milroy Hotel showed a vehicle entering the hotel parking lot on July 11, the night a male accuser reported to police that someone entered his unsecured Milroy garage and removed both a one-gallon and a two-gallon gas can, totaling $20 in value. The accuser also reported one-and-a-half gallons of gas were inside the cans, totaling $7.00 in value. The owner of the hotel told police he spoke to the driver of the vehicle, who identified himself as McConnell, the next morning, court documents indicate. The hotel owner reportedly observed McConnell walk toward the accuser’s garage and return to his vehicle, holding two red gas cans, then put the cans in the rear of the vehicle and drive away.

In May, McConnell was responsible for a Yeagertown motor vehicle accident, during which several parked cars were struck, according to court documents. McConnell, while reportedly under the influence of an unknown substance, was operating a Dodge Durango, registered to a woman with whom he was in a relationship at the time, court documents indicate. An investigation of the accident scene lead to police concluding that McConnell was traveling in excess of the posted 35 miles per hour speed limit when the vehicle impacted a Volkswagon Atlas, which was then pushed into a Dodge Charger, court documents state. The Charger was subsequently pushed into a Mitsubishi Eclipse, then into a Subaru Legacy, according to court documents.

A witness to the accident told Mifflin County Regional Police that the driver of the Durango was traveling at an accelerated rate of speed and drifted to the right for an extended period of time,

until ultimately impacting

the Volkswagon, court documents state.

McConnell was located within the vicinity of the accident and identified himself as “Justin Poore,” according to court documents. McConnell admitted to operating the vehicle but was reportedly unaware of what occurred during the incident. Police observed McConnell’s speech was slurred, his eyes were glassy and his pupils were pinpointed. McConnell reportedly performed two field sobriety tests, both of which he failed, and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence, was taken to Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital for treatment and refused to submit to a blood draw for toxicology testing, according to court documents.

On July 5, a male subject appeared at the MCRP department and produced identification proving him to be Justin Poore. Poore, a relative of McConnell, stated he was not the driver of the Durango during the May accident. An investigation lead to McConnell as being identified as the operator of the Durango during the May accident.

In addition to the DUI and burglary cases, a resolution is in progress for two cases filed in May, which include drug-related and theft charges.