Hershey prepares for November’s general election

MIFFLINTOWN–As a frontrunning candidate for November’s general election, Republican John Hershey is gearing up to continue his state representative campaign with even more energy than before.

With State Representative Adam Harris (R) preparing to leave office, Hershey competed against nine other Republican candidates during the primary election, ultimately winning the nomination for the 82nd District. Prior to the primaries, Hershey reported that he knocked on over 7,000 doors in order to meet district residents, a tactic he plans to continue with November just around the corner.

“As far as the campaign goes, I’m treating it the same way, just meeting as many voters as possible,” Hershey said.

At 25-years-old, Hershey will be one of the youngest officials in the House of Representatives, if elected. According to Hershey, he never saw himself running for elected office at such a young age, but he felt that he couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“I did see Adam Harris retiring as a great opportunity to apply my abilities to the area that I love,” the Juniata County native said. “I love the Juniata Valley and I always plan to serve it in one way or another.”

With previous experience as a legislative aide for U.S. Congressman Charlie Dent (R), Hershey mentioned that he feels confident in his legislative abilities, adding that his work with the federal government has prepared him well for a possible position at the state level. If elected, he plans to focus his primary efforts on cutting property taxes, protecting 2nd Amendment rights and addressing issues facing Pennsylvania’s small business owners and farmers.

Other candidates for state representative of the 82nd District include Independent Elizabeth Book, also a Juniata County resident. Throughout the summer, Book had to obtain 438 signatures in order to run without a party affiliation. After successfully acquiring the signatures, Book’s name will be placed on the ballot on Nov. 6 as Hershey’s sole opponent.

Hershey’s previous Democratic opponents included Kim Hart, of Juniata County, and Robert Cunningham, of Mifflin County, who both chose to drop out of the running due to personal reasons.

“With no Democratic candidate, nothing has changed with my campaign, I’m running just as hard as I can,” Hershey said. “To the Democrats, the most important thing that I would stress is that, even where we disagree, because we will, I’m representing people of this entire district equally, regardless of where we agree of disagree…Your voice matters just as much as someone who agrees with me, on more issues than not.”

Regardless of political affiliations or stances on government issues, Hershey feels that he is ready and willing to serve all voters in order to give a voice to communities throughout the 82nd District.

“At the end of the day, it’s not money or political connections that will win an election, it’s your connections with the voters,” Hershey said. “I would say most voters, whether they agree or disagree with you, just want to feel like they’re heard. So at the end of the day, making voters feel that they’re heard and that you care about their priorities is what can win their vote.”