Area woman pleads guilty

LEWISTOWN — Kelly Decker, 31, of Lewistown, pleaded guilty Tuesday to one felony count criminal trespass, one misdemeanor count forgery and one misdemeanor count of unsworn falsification to authorities.

Decker reportedly participated in the burglaries of two cabins in West Licking Creek, one cabin in the Spruce Run Hunting Club Camp and one cabin in the Hemlock Springs camp sometime between May 11 and May 26, 2017, according to court documents. Police determined Decker’s involvement using footage from license plate cameras. On the night of the reported burglaries, police reported observing one vehicle, on camera, traveling in the vicinity in which the burglaries occurred. A partial plate recognition lead to finding a vehicle registered to Decker.

Police reported interviewing Decker in April and advising her of the nature of their investigation. Decker alleged she was working third shift at ACPI in Thompsontown on the night of the burglaries, of which she offered to furnish proof, according to court documents. After their interview with Decker, police reportedly spoke to Human Resources personnel from ACPI in Thompsontown who informed police that Decker was not working at ACPI on the night of the burglaries and Decker was no longer employed at ACPI.

Documents state that one week later, Decker provided police with a faxed copy of a letter that appeared to be addressed to Decker from ACPI, listing the dates and times of employment during the week and day of the burglaries. Police observed several grammatical errors in the letter, which appeared to be fraudulent, and sent a copy of the letter to an ACPI representative, who confirmed the letter was not official and was not sent from the company.

According to court documents, Decker also reportedly implicated Kaleb Eaton, 25, of Yeagertown, as the burglar. During the course of the interview, Decker reportedly called Eaton and started a verbal altercation, informing Eaton that she was speaking to police, why she was speaking to police and that she was taking the blame for something she didn’t do. Police reported hearing Eaton say “I told you” police would find out about what she had done. Decker told police Eaton disconnected their phone call and signed a written statement denying involvement in the burglaries.

Police reported interviewing Eaton, who admitted to burglarizing several cabins with Decker. Eaton ultimately had a police-monitored phone conversation with Decker, during which Decker reportedly talked about the night of the burglaries and implicated herself, admitting to being in several of the camps with Eaton on the night in question.

Decker was sentenced by President Judge David Barron to a minimum of time-served and a maximum of 18 months incarceration. In addition to her parole, Decker is financially responsible to pay $300 in fines, the costs of prosecution and over $438 in restitution.