Area man enters plea of guilty

29-year-old pleas guilty to 2 counts; endangerment

LEWISTOWN — Anthony Snook, 29, of Lewistown, pleaded guilty Tuesday to two counts of simple assault and one count of recklessly endangering another person.

Snook was sentenced to a minimum of nine and a maximum of 18 months incarceration with a time-served credit from July 19 to Sept. 11. The no-contact provision established with bail was lifted, due to the victim testifying to President Judge David Barron that she wanted to have contact with Snook because they have children together.

According to court documents, police responded to a report of a domestic near River Access road in July. The victim had reportedly left the scene of the incident and was waiting near the Charles Street off-ramp, court documents state. Police interviewed the victim who reported being with Snook and small children down by the river and that Snook had been drinking beer throughout the day. The victim reported Snook had fallen while holding one of the children, prompting them to decide to leave with the children. The victim told Snook of this decision who reportedly tackled the victim into the water and repeatedly struck the individual with his closed fist on the right side of their face. The victim reportedly told Snook to stop, but Snook reportedly ignored the request and persisted, then reportedly proceeded to place his hands around their neck and apply pressure, restricting the individual’s ability to breath, and repeatedly forced the victim’s head under water.

Snook eventually released the victim after they bit Snook on the lower lip and took cover behind a friend who prevented Snook from approaching the victim by blocking his path, according to court documents. Snook reportedly spit blood in the friend’s face and threw a can which struck the head of one of the children, court documents indicate.

Police reported observing bruising and abrasions around the victim’s throat and on the right side of the face as well as observing the victim’s forearm being swollen and bruised, which they stated happened during the struggle with Snook, according to court documents. Police also observed an abrasion on top of the head of the child struck with the can, court documents indicate.

In addition to his incarceration, Snook is financially responsible for the costs of prosecution and a $100 fine.