Middleburg man charged with assault

BEAVERTOWN — A 36-year-old Middleburg man was charged Thursday with 13 criminal counts, including three felony counts aggravated assault and one count endangering the welfare of children, after insinuating threats with a loaded pistol in a room with a sleeping child, according to court documents.

According to court documents, Shawn D. Auman was arguing, both verbally and via text message, with the accuser on Tuesday. Later in the evening, while the accuser was at work, Auman was recorded on the residence security cameras brandishing a loaded 9mm pistol, throwing the pistol across the room and walking out of view of the cameras to retrieve it, according to court documents. The accuser reported observing all of this remotely and observed a child was asleep on the couch in the room where this occurred, according to court documents.

The accuser reported, upon returning to the Beavertown residence, Auman grabbed the accuser’s arm and throat and choked the accuser multiple times, then threw the accuser onto a bed. The accuser reported getting free from Auman and going downstairs into the laundry room, where Auman reportedly grabbed the accuser by the throat and shoved the accuser through a window, injuring the accuser’s hand, according to court documents.

The accuser sought medical attention for the injuries, including multiple cuts and bruises on both arms, shoulders and neck, and received five stitches to the left thumb, according to court documents.

Auman was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Lori Hackenberg and committed to Snyder County Correctional Facility, unable to post the $75,000 bail set. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 14.