Committee selects new officers

Jim Smith selected chairman; Nelson Reiffannacht vice

LEWISTOWN–New officers were recently selected for the Mifflin County Republican Committee and they have new goals for the upcoming election season.

The officers were selected on June 26 and include Chairman Jim Smith, Vice Chairman Nelson Reiffannacht, Treasurer Helen Kirk and Secretary Jonathan Watson. Smith said that the committee aims to engage more county residents and encourage them to become more involved with the officials who represent them.

“There are many precincts within the county that have little or no representation on our committee,” Smith said. “So one of our goals is to reach out to these areas and try to get more constituent involvement.”

Smith also mentioned that education will play a key role in the officers’ leadership. The committee aims to communicate better with residents in order to understand their political interests and guide them toward the candidates who represent their views. By improving communication and offering candidate information and resources, the committee hopes that voters will have a better understanding of government issues and make informed, educated decisions in November’s general election.

“Educating the voter is absolutely the most important thing that we can do,” Smith said. “There’s nothing worse than an uneducated voter.”

Reiffannacht later added, “The voter is always the bottom line.”

Reiffannacht also mentioned that the committee hopes for more candidates to visit Mifflin County and attend the annual youth fair in order to support the people they are running to represent.

“[Voters] want to see the people that they elect,” Reiffannacht said.

According to Smith, anyone, regardless of their political affiliation, is encouraged to contact an officer from the Republican committee in order to address concerns and learn more about candidates, voting options and the committee in general.

“As Republicans, we have our basic values and goals for our community and we always reach out and try to let people know just where we are,” Smith said.