Lewistown woman charged with 3 counts

LEWISTOWN–Marla Nicole Gahagan, 45, of Lewistown, was charged Tuesday with three criminal counts, including falsely incriminating another.

According to court documents, Gahagan was allegedly estranged from her husband, Christopher, and reported to police on May 3 that he had unlawfully entered her home through an opened front window, as well as damaged two window shutters and broke a glass mug. Gahagan also reported to police that her husband had left the residence and kicked the driver side mirror of her car, then returned to the residence after she told him to leave. Gahagan further reported that her husband fled the scene as the police were en route. While interviewing Mrs. Gahagan, police reported Christopher did call her on her cell phone and threaten her, that officers heard the threats via speaker phone.

Gahagan provided a written statement to police, stipulating to the alleged incident. After police interviewed other witnesses and her husband, Gahagan recanted her statement and reported that Christopher was staying at her residence at the time of the incident. All charges against Christopher Gahagan were dropped.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 27 before Magisterial District Judge Jack Miller.