Garrett-Davis sentenced to probation, therapy

MIFFLINTOWN–James Garrett-Davis, 28, of Millerstown, was sentenced Wednesday to a minimum of five and a maximum of 23 months incarceration, followed by 12 months probation. Garrett-Davis was credited 159 days time served.

“You had a taste of what it’s like to lose your freedom,” remarked President Judge Kathy Morrow, to the defendant.

After hearing a tearful statement from the victim, expressing desire for personal safety as well as treatment for Garrett-Davis, District Attorney Cory Snook recommended an anger management program be included in sentencing, as well as a continuation of the no-contact provision.

“It’s obvious the victim is afraid,” said Snook.

Donald Zagurskie, court appointed public defender, advised the court that his client plans to participate in the AMEND program in Carlisle. According to, “the goal of AMEND is to help men identify their abusive/violent behaviors and the beliefs and attitudes that support it, and to adopt non-violent beliefs and behaviors that support safety, fairness and equality in their relationships.”

Zagurskie requested sentencing include time served so that his client could seek this treatment and work towards reconciliation with the victim. “He understands what he did, he’s not trying to justify his actions,” said Zagurskie. “He’s trying to address the consequences.”

Garrett-Davis shared a remorseful statement, expressing affection for his family and also asking for time served so that he can get treatment.

In addition to incarceration, time-served credit and probation, Morrow included the costs of prosecution, successful completion of the AMEND program and continued drug and alcohol counseling in her sentence. “I believe you’re remorseful about what happened,” said Morrow, “and accept responsibility.”

Additionally, Garrett-Davis is to have no contact with the victim.

According to court documents, Garrett-Davis pleaded guilty to terroristic threats, simple assault and harassment, in March, resulting from a December 2017 incident, during which he slapped the victim across the face, strangled the victim and threatened to kill the victim and the victim’s dog.