District to consider hardware purchase

Superintendent outlines technology options

LEWISTOWN – A significant investment in technological equipment will be on the agenda for next Thursday’s voting meeting of the Mifflin County School District Board of Directors.

During a brief committee-of-the-whole meeting on Thursday, Superintendent James Estep outlined several computer hardware purchases that will be necessary for various classrooms throughout the district for next school year.

“We’ve talked about this before,” Estep said. “It’s important we get these purchases approved so the technology department will have time to get the equipment set-up properly.

Estep said the following purchases are planned, with proceeds to pay for them coming from the district’s capital reserve account: 696 desktop computers at a cost of $294,624; 352 laptop computers at a cost of $155,576.96; 11 carts at a cost of $9,614; and 330 ThinkPad laptops at a cost of $178,206.60.

In other business Thursday, the board heard a brief presentation from Mifflin County High School student Kyle Kline, who was a participant in the recent Eco Day activity. Eco Day invited all fifth graders to participate and Kline shared his passion for beekeeping during

his presentation.

“I taught them about the importance of bees and the pollination they provide,” Kline said, admitting he was “a bit nervous” to be teaching. He said he maintains 21 bee hives that contain between 8,000 and 10,000 bees each. With any luck, he said, he plans to sell the honey the insects produce.

Vance Varner, director of secondary education, said he invited Kline to present to the board because, “This kid really hit it out of the park and I feel it was important for the board to see some of the accomplishments our students are doing.”

Other items slated for a vote during the board’s May 24 business meeting include:

¯ Approval of the 2018-19 Academy General Fund Budget in the amount of $3,952,891.

¯ Approval to bid refuse disposal for the next three years and authorize the director of buildings and grounds to award or reject bids the day of the bid opening.

¯ The addition of Beth Gwilym as a bus driver for J&D’s Inc.

¯ Approval to waive the fee for the use of Mifflin County Middle School for TIU Project Yes Middle School Camp June 18 through August 9.

¯ The transfer of Rachel Beahm from elementary art teacher at middle school art teacher for the 2018-19 school year.

¯ The resignation of Patricia Bodmer from a cafeteria position at Lewistown Elementary School effective April 24.

¯ The resignation of Jacklyn Snook, cafeteria substitute, effective May 25.

¯ The resignation of Ashley Criswell, cafeteria substitute, effective May 25.

¯ The hiring of Kevin Reigle as a permanent science teacher at the junior high school for 2018-19 at a salary of $41,952.

¯ The hiring of Benjamin Weber as a permanent social studies teacher at the junior high school for 2018-19 at a salary of $41,952.

¯ The transfer of Kaby-Ann Speck from learning support teacher to autistic support teacher at the intermediate school.

¯ The transfer of Michael Maclay from autistic support teacher to learning support teacher at the intermediate school.

¯ The hiring of Alison Lutz as a permanent speech and language therapist at Indian Valley Elementary at a salary of $45,109 for the 2018-19 school year.

¯ The resignation of Kevin McCardle, part-time custodian at East Derry Elementary, due to other employment.

¯ The transfer of Aaron Snook from custodian at Lewistown Elementary to the high school, effective April 30.

¯ The addition of the following to the custodian substitute list for summer help: Amy Banks, Travy Bastress, Kaleena Beers, Kimberly Corson, Cindy Jasper, Kimerly Oburn, Laurie Romig, Regina Sitch, Susan Ritchey, Alicia Coulter, Cindy Cutshall, Sue Fluke, Carol Gantz, Zachary Majestic, Sherry Pecht, Brittany Ruble, and Phyllis Varner.

¯ Approval of the following volunteer coaches for the 2018-19 season: Deion Curry, cross country; Whitney Swenson, cheerleading; Shawn Renninger, junior high football; Randall Knode, junior high football; and Brett Leister, girls soccer.

¯ Approval of the following 2018-19 winter sports coaches: Roger Herto, head girls basketball; Scott Gantz, head indoor track and field; Gretchen Seyler, head swimming; James Kirby Martin, head wrestling; Tamara Sechler, head winter cheerleading; and Kevin Diven, head bowling.

¯ The appointment of board member Mary Lou Sigler as a voting delegate or the Pennsylvania School Board Association’s delegate assembly.