Company prepares for EMS Week

FAME EMS plans community and student activities

LEWISTOWN–With National EMS Week beginning on May 20, FAME EMS is preparing several events and activities to engage and educate the community.

On May 22, FAME plans to host a dinner as well as “Stop the Bleed” training at their station in Lewistown. “Stop the Bleed” is a national program geared towards educating the public on how to control life threatening bleeding and help save lives before first responders arrive on scene.

According to Patrick Shoop, chief of FAME EMS, this year’s EMS Week will be the company’s first time administering the “Stop the Bleed” program, but they are planning to offer more trainings throughout the year for individuals, schools, companies and businesses.

“We’re trying to give something to the community and teach them the programs,” said Shoop.

Additionally, fifth grade students in Mifflin County will have the opportunity to learn about safety and emergency services when members of FAME visit Lewistown Intermediate School on May 22 and May 24. According to Shoop, students will receive an ambulance tour and learn about various emergency responses including how to control bleeding and administer CPR and the Heimlich maneuver.

Shoop also mentioned that EMS Week will give the company the opportunity to recognize their members for their service and dedication.

“Whether you’re a career person EMS or volunteer person EMS, the time, the dedication, is tremendous,” said Shoop. “We’re all working short-staffed, our call volumes are through the roof, like it is everywhere. We want the public to understand that these people are out there and they are working hard.”

FAME members also expressed their appreciation for EMS Week and what it means to them and their work in the community. Katy Love, who has been working in emergency medical services for 38 years, said that the week serves as a great time for education.

“It means a time to let people know what we do, share how we use our equipment, and get them in here to see what we do so that they understand, when we come to pick them up, what we’re doing to them,” said Love.

Anyone interested in learning more about FAME EMS, or becoming involved and receiving training, is encouraged to contact the company. According to Deputy Chief Eric Howell, the station is always willing to answer questions and take on new members.

“I love what I do, I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t,” added Howell. “We work here because we truly like to help people, that’s what we do.”