Two facing drug charges

MIFFLINTOWN — Two Mifflintown residents are facing drugs charges for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine.

Alisha D. Kell, 40, and Deron L. Lauver, 45 were arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Jacqueline T. Leister this week.

According to court documents, state police received information that Lauver and Kell may be manufacturing meth in their residence. A check of their pseudoepherine/ephedrine purchases was conducted and showed unusual buying habits and police were placed on watch to be notified any time they purchased Sudafed, court documents state.

On March 9, police said they received notification that Lauver had purchased Sudafed in Mifflintown and went to his residence to conduct an interview.

According to court documents, police found numerous burned Gatorade bottles in a burn pit outside the residence. Lauver told police he made meth in a shed in his yard and a couple times, he had some blow up and would throw them in the yard.

A search of the residence found a gas generator with tubing coming out of it, a canister of camp fuel, a box of Sudafed, a pipe cutter, lithium batteries, lye, a cold pack and a glass jar with residue in it.

Both defendants are being charged with manufacturing with intent to deliver a controlled substance, operating a meth lab, depositing chemical waste and knowingly possessing ephedrine.

A preliminary hearing for both defendants is scheduled for Oct. 19.

Bail in the amount of $31,000 was posted for Lauver and Kell

was released on

nonmonetary conditions.