Serving those who serve others

Motorcycle group raising funds for first responders, law enforcement, vets and medical personnel

LEWISTOWN — Anyone who has called 911 in the last 17 years is likely to have spoken with Judi Smith.

Until recently, she served as the 911 dispatcher for Mifflin County and has talked countless individuals through emergency situations until emergency responders arrived.

But who does Smith call on when she needs help?

Smith was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer earlier this year and has since been seeking radiation treatment in Danville, while getting chemotherapy at Geisinger-Lewistown Hospital.

The Saints of Service Motorcycle Club is comprised of local law enforcement, first responders, veterans and medical personnel. The group works to raise money for other emergency responders in need.

As a dispatcher, Smith works closely with emergency responders.

“Judi is very near and dear to us. We work with her on a daily basis and we care for her very deeply, so as soon as we heard of her condition, we immediately wanted to help her,” in an effort to offset some of her expenses, said Jeromy Poff, the club’s road captain.

On Oct. 1, the club held its first ride in Smith’s honor. The event brought 53 riders and brought in more than $1,400 for Smith.

After years of being the one to help others in need, Smith found being on the receiving end to be a strange feeling.

In her position as a dispatcher, “you try to hold their hands over the phone, you try to give first aid and help, but you don’t realize the impact you have until you’re on the receiving end.”

The club was formed earlier this year in an effort to provide aid to those who would normally be providing it to others.

“Sometimes people who help others don’t always ask for help for themselves when they need it,” said one of the club’s founding members, Shane Davis, who also serves as the club’s treasurer.

Smith described the relationship between first responders like that of a “big family. . .we hold each other up,” she said.

Moving forward, Smith says she plans to return the favor by supporting the club in the future. “It takes my words away to know that they’re there for people — to know that there is someone you can lean on. It’s overwhelming to say the least. They’re a group of angels, they truly are.”

Smith’s benefit ride was the club’s first, but won’t likely be their last fundraiser. In the near future, the group is planning a wine and paint fundraiser, as well as a corn hole tournament.

The club is still collecting

donations for Smith. Those interested can send funds to the club’s PayPal account or visit

Facebook page at Saints of

Service MC.