Board to vote on 2017-18 budget

Vote to occur during the May 25 meeting

LEWISTOWN — Finances were the main topic of a budget workshop and committee-of-the-whole meeting of the Mifflin County School District Board of Directors Thursday.

During the budget workshop session, Superintendent James Estep said he will present a general fund budget proposal for a vote during the board’s May 25 business meeting. Estep said the spending plan will total $74,746,593.

“This is a budget with no tax increase,” Estep said.

Discussions about several purchase items in the district’s information technology department dominated the budget workshop. Some board members were concerned with the cost of some of the items, which have been requested by teachers as part of upgrading the district’s curriculum.

Items on the agenda for next week include $134,752.23 to purchase and upgrade host servers (with $103,401.64 coming from capital reserve funds); $12,904.94 to purchase and upgrade servers with disaster recovery capabilities; $12,792.53 to purchase and upgrade a firewall security device; $32,523.35 for a 3-D printer (using $28,013.60 of capital reserve); $21,921.93 to purchase a mini router (with $14,996.13 out of capital reserve); $61,246.08 for three 40-watt laser engravers (with $40,929.15 out of capital reserve); and $27,105.60 for two 3-D AV rovers and curriculum (with $13,269.60 out of capital reserve).

Following lengthy discussions on the individual items, it was decided to leave them on the agenda for a vote at Thursday’s meeting.

“I think this stuff should stay in there,” Board President Terry Styers said. “We’ve talked about making a commitment to the STEM curriculum and we can do this without a tax increase. By cutting what we said is a priority, I think, it’s sending the wrong message.”

In other business, the board discussed the following agenda items to be placed for a vote at Thursday’s meeting:

¯ A recommendation for building nurses to donate unneeded thermometers and probe covers to a local community organization.

¯ Acknowledgment of the following guest teachers (with college degrees but not fully certified but eligible following training) under contract by the Substitute Teacher Service for the 2016-17 academic year: Jennifer Aurand, Adrienne Carbo, Erin Hecknauer, Brenda Knorr, Michelle Liggett, Emily Love, Jessica Pratt, Riley Shertzer, Shane Turk, Saundra Aurand, Jessica Fisher, Megan Herbster, Julie Lewis, Kaitlin Lorson, Ian Peachey, Malachi Scott, Stephen Sinclair and Marissa Weidensaul.

¯ A recommendation to sell sell the following vehicles to Mike’s Landscaping (the only company that submitted bids): 1996 Ford E-350 truck for $1,206; 1996 Ford E-350 truck for $807; and a 1985 dump truck for $3,159.

¯ Approval to bid propane costs for the 2017-18 academic year and authorize administration to award the bid the day of the bid opening.

¯ Approval of EST Evaluator Services and Technology Inc. for printing of the 2017-18 school tax billing at an estimated cost of $20,214.87.

¯ Approval to increase the rate for cafeteria substitute workers from $7.75 per hour to $8.75 per hour.

¯ Approval of the following drivers: Rose Nimon, Fisher Brothers; and Kent Smith and Russell Specht, J&D’s.

¯ The retirement of Joyce Eby, kitchen manager at the junior high school, effective July 5.

¯ The resignation of Mariann Filler, custodian at Lewistown Elementary School, effective May 3, due to personal reasons.

¯ The resignation of Rita Wolfgang, part-time cafeteria worker, effective June 1.

¯ The resignation of Angela Trego, cafeteria worker, effective June 1.

¯ The hiring of Kimberly Carson as a part-time cafeteria worker effective May 31.

¯ The following additions to the cafeteria substitute list: Deb Gutshall, Phyllis Varner and Cherish Newman.

¯ Removal of Melinda Parson and Stacie Velez from the cafeteria substitute list.

¯ Hiring of the following for summer technology interns: Michael Kline, Caleb Painter, Ryan Terry and Dustin Leach.

¯ A recommendation to permit Angela Wise to carry over unused vacation days into next academic year.

¯ Approval of Rachel Corson as fall and winter assistant cheerleading coach for 2017-18.

¯ Approval of the following coaches for 2017-18: Dave Sheetz, head varsity boys basketball; Roger Herto, head varsity girls basketball; Scott Gantz, head indoor track and field; Gretchen Seyler, head swimming; J. Kirby Martin, head varsity wrestling; and Kevin Diven, bowling (volunteer).

¯ Recommendation that the following cafeteria staff be added to the custodian substitute list for summer help: Amy Banks, Koleena Beers, Kimberly Corson, Alicia Coulter, Susan Ritchey, Regina Sitch and Kathy Wolfgang.

¯ Approval of the following as volunteer coaches for 2017-18: Christopher Lehman, boys basketball; and Harry Aultz, football.

¯ Approval of the 2017-18 event staff.

¯ Approval of a $750 stipend for Michelle Fedisson as homeless liaison for the district for the 2016-17 year, funded by Title I money.

¯ Approval of the memorandum of understanding between the district and the Mifflin County Education Support Professionals Association regarding the extended academic year.