Rotarians unite

Local club helps Haitians after hurricane

Hurricane Matthew devastation is still very visible in Haiti, with an estimated 170,000 people still homeless. Submitted photos

LEWISTOWN — When Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti as a Category 4 storm in early October, it left in its wake a path of destruction that went on to include portions of Cuba, the Bahamas and the eastern seaboard of the United States.

The impoverished nation of Haiti was hit   particularly hard with some organizations        reporting nearly 170,000 people were left homeless. More recently, a United Nations campaign to eradicate a cholera outbreak was launched to stop the spread of the disease. UNICEF reports at least 1,000 suspected cases of cholera.

In an effort to help the people of Haiti, the Lewistown Rotary club is raising money to send to the island nation to help them rebuild their homes. A bank in New York is taking in          the funds to distribute through a Rotary

club in Haiti.

Rotarian Vianey Siennick is heading the campaign and has also partnered with Sweet Frogs in Burnham, which are donating funds raised on Nov. 22.

“We want to help them rebuild their homes … our goal is $10,000, and maybe we can raise more,” she said.

Siennick said it is very important that Haitians do the rebuilding themselves.

“There is a sense of pride for them,” Siennick said.

So far the club has raised $500 for the construction relief efforts.

“We are hopping to provide some help before Christmas,” Siennick said.

At tomorrow’s Lewistown Rotary club meeting nurse Matasha Pecht will speak about her experience in Haiti.

In the future, the Rotary clubs in Lewistown and Haiti are hoping to establish a cultural exchange.

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