Proposed budget on display

20 percent increase in street light electricity rates included

YEAGERTOWN — The proposed 2017 budget for Derry Township is officially on display at the township office in Yeagertown.

The budget shows no increase to the real estate or fire and EMS taxes, but there is a potential for a 20 percent increase in street light electricity rates by Penelec.

This increase is expected at the start of 2017, so the budget includes a proposed 43 percent increase in street light tax in anticipation of the rate increase. There is a proposed 50 cent increase on improved properties and an 8 cent increase on unimproved properties per front foot of assessment. A 10 percent increase is also added to the budget for other commercial electricity rates for all township accounts.

There are also renovations for the new township building included in the budget. Many of these will be covered by the 2014 Renovation Loan. According to the budget paperwork, a refinancing of the loan could be worked completed as final costs for renovations are received to the township.

As far as income to the building fund goes there is a proposed rental income from the Sewer Authority for $14,250 per year, along with a $42,000 payment from the Mifflin County Regional Police Department. However, this money from the police department could not be seen until 2018, after MCRPD completes renovations to its portion of the building and moves in.

Another change to the budget is the

proposal of a receptionist for the building. The person would handle all visitors who come through the main entrance and will have duties relating to both the township and MCRPD.

Overall the budget is balanced at $3,000,010. The budget is expected to be adopted at 4 p.m. Dec. 21 at the township office.

The full budget description can be found and read at the Derry Township Office during business hours.