Professions of Faith – Election reflection

It’s raining outside Wednesday as I sit at my desk thinking about the last 12 hours and the election of 2016, further mediating on what America needs going forward. I’ve already seen stock markets sink. I’ve read articles on the people who are concerned, scared and ready to run to Canada. People truly are not honest with themselves, for running never solved anything. For the runner still takes all the same baggage with them to another residency where they will at times still disagree.

Then there are those who want to protest by closing off streets or throw mud and call people nasty names. Honestly, to what avail does this accomplish any good? This portrays to me people who think their trust and future security is in a fellow American. Our problem in America is a heart attitude problem, Jere 17:9. Which only God can search and mend Jere 17:10. Another problem is we somehow think that a man or woman in the White House makes all the difference in our future. No, never! It is one’s trust in the living God that makes all the difference in the outcome and future of America and especially in our lives. Trust Him who called everything into existence, Pro 3:5-6.

Maybe today, you find that your candidate won or maybe they lost yet that is not the important issue America finds herself in. The most important issue for us is that God is sovereign! He alone puts men up and puts men down. America needs healing and that healing must demonstrate that we stand united as one nation under God. Healing that comes from the Lord alone. And yes, I am talking about the God of the Bible being the Creator God in which the heavens declare, Ps 19:1.

Some may think they’ve won some great battle yet I remind us, now the real work begins for us to pray. Pray for healing, pray for the salvation of our leadership, pray for their wisdom and discernment to come from above and not from man. Man will always fail us but God is the God who never fails, Heb 13:5. Only His ways are just, true and righteous.

It may be that God is giving America one last chance to repent, II Chron 7:14. Therefore, we as His children must take advantage of the situation in calling ourselves, our families, our churches, our communities and our nation back to God. United we stand in Christ but divided we will continue to fall for anything. Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, Ps 33:12. I believe America has in the past been great only due to the great God they recognized and served. But when a nation forgets God, judgement will come.

Finally, I am not talking about sinless perfection but Godly confession, Jam 4:7-8. Daniel confessed his own sins and the sins of his nation. 1 Pe 5:7 We need to tell the correct person who is the only one who can do what is necessary. What are YOU doing? Therefore, we must pray, pray, pray!