Officials discuss projects in Derry, Union townships

LEWISTOWN — Two of the five land development projects under municipal ordinance were discussed Thursday evening, at the Mifflin County Planning Commission meeting.

Bill Wright, owner of Wright Land Surveying, presented the surveys for two of the land development projects: Shade Mountain Farms and Rumford Manufacturing.

The Shade Mountain Farms project proposes the creation of lot 2, in Derry Township, for agricultural use only.

Wright explained Dave Fisher, who is purchasing lot 2, lives on the farm with his wife and has been farming there for decades.

Wright also said the Fishers are heading into a long-term lease on farming the rest of the land. After purchasing lot 2, they are looking into purchasing an additional lot.

Wright confirmed the land would only be used for farming crop. The farm will not be used for manure storage or any other heavy agriculture use.

“The Fishers intend to keep the farm just the way it is,” Wright said.

The second land development project, Rumford Manufacturing, proposes to create lot addition A to be added onto lot A in Union Township, on lands owned by Marvin and Esther Kanagy.

Wright said through the survey, it was discovered that the property line wasn’t where they thought it should be. As a result, the property line has been revised to where the Kanagys and Rumford are more comfortable with.

“Rumford owns it now, but Kanagy is eventually going to build on it,” Wright said.

Other projects to be reviewed by the planning commission include:

¯The creation of lot 2 for single-family residential use and the addition of lot A to the land of Corey M. and Caitlin R. Barger, in Derry Township;

¯The consolidation of two adjoining lots owned by Myrtle R. McNitt, in Burnham Borough;

¯The consolidation of lots A and B into one lot on land owned by Michael S. and Susan M. Green.

The Mifflin County Planning Commission meets at 3:30 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Mifflin County Courthouse.