Minor machine issues mark start of Election Day

LEWISTOWN — A few minor glitches with some voting machines greeted a handful of voters early Tuesday during the General Election.

Voter turn out for both Mifflin and Juniata Counties was high with reports that some waited hours to cast their ballot with long lines and overflowing parking lots at precincts, such as the one at Ohesson Manor, where traffic police were stationed to ensure everyone had the opportunity to vote. In Mifflin County a total of 18,454 voters cast ballots, while in Juniata County it was 10,570 ballots.

Mifflin County Voter Registration Director Harry Clever said the equipment issues occurred during the initial start up and were addressed immediately.

Clever said one voting machine at the Mifflin County Library had to be rebooted due to an error message. There was also a machine at the Granville West polling place which jammed at one point, but was subsequently fixed as well. Lastly, a machine at the New Armagh precinct had a battery issue, which was also fixed.

Clever said the machines are sensitive pieces of equipment, which are at least 10 years old and the minor issues which occurred were easily fixed. He added that all votes were secure and run through their respective machines once the equipment issues had been addressed.

Juniata County Voter Registration Director Eva Long reported no issues with

voting equipment.