Democrats sweep Pa. row offices

LEWISTOWN — Despite higher vote tallies for Republicans in the Juniata Valley, the Democratic candidates for the three state row offices on the ballot emerged as the winners late Tuesday night, according to unofficial voting results.

Democrat Joshua Shapiro won the office of state attorney general with 2,835,147 votes to Republican John Rafferty Jr.’s 2,762,374 votes. Mifflin County cast 13,123 votes for Rafferty and 4,676 votes for Shapiro. Juniata County cast 7,627 votes for Rafferty and 2,614 votes for Shapiro.

For auditor general, incumbent Democrat Eugene A. Pasquale won with 2,835,147 votes to Republican John A. Brown’s 2,557,579 votes. Mifflin County cast 12,120 votes for Brown and 4,509 votes for DePasquale. Juniata County cast 6,868 votes for Brown and 2,702 votes for DePasquale.

For state treasurer, Democrat Joseph Torsella won with 2,870,399 votes to Republican Otto Voit’s 2,500,315 votes. Mifflin County cast 12,048 votes for Voit and 4,459 votes for Torsella. Juniata County cast 6,907 votes for Voit and 2,567 votes for Torsella.