County receives funding

Weaver: Grant will establish shared telephone system

MIFFLINTOWN — Emergency services between Juniata and Perry Counties will improve greatly following the approval of a  “911 Statewide Interconnectivity” grant by the Juniata County Commissioners on Tuesday.

The grant, Emergency Services Director Allen Weaver said, totals $815,092 and is part of a statewide pool of money set aside for county capital interconnectivity projects that have been allotted to achieve a goal of creating a full state emergency services network.

Weaver said the grant money will be spent to establish a shared telephone system with Perry County and “all of the equipment to make that happen.”

“With EMS services and fire services, connectivity will be more efficient,” Weaver said. “The 911 centers will be tied together. Perry and Juniata Counties will be able to share services and equipment. In the future, the goal is to provide redundancy county to county. If something happens here, calls would be routed to Perry County without interruption of service and vice versa.”

Commissioner Alice Gray commended Weaver for the work that was done to get Juniata County the funding to move this project forward.

“Juniata County is fortunate you’ve secured this funding and have a good working relationship with Perry County,” Gray said.

In other business Tuesday, the commissioners:

¯ Approved purchase of service agreements between the county’s children and youth services department and Bethany Christian Services of Central PA and Family Care for Children and Youth Inc;

¯ Ratified a Juniata County Hazardous Materials check in the amount of $67.02 to Wex Bank for the purchase of fuel;

¯ Approved liquid fuels allocations to Mifflin Borough in the amount of $1,656.36, and Monroe Township in the amount of $4,537.29;

¯ Approved a “Certification Statement for County Children & Youth Social Services Programs” budget amendment to realign funding from one line item to another;

¯ Reappointed Marian Casner and Richard Leitzel to four-year terms on the Juniata County Planning Commission effective Jan. 1;

¯ Approved lease and maintenance agreements with Ricoh USA Inc. for a new copy machine in the Juniata County Courthouse;

¯ Approved a renewal agreement between Juniata County and Delta Dental for employee dental insurance for the period Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2018 at a zero percent rate increase;

¯ Approved renewing an agreement between Juniata County and Lincoln Financial Services for employee life insurance for the period Jan. 1, 2017 through Dec. 31, 2018;

¯ Approved two weeks worth of bills in the amount of $218,304.18.