Company withdraws asphalt plant request

Brown Township cancels meeting set to discuss proposal

This sign was placed on the entrance of the rental hall of the Reedsville Fire Co. Wednesday night, notifying people of a canceled meeting of the Brown Township Zoning Hearing Board regarding the proposed asphalt plant in Brown Township. Sentinel photo by LAUREN KERSHNER

REEDSVILLE — A saga spanning nearly three years seems to have come to an end.

A special meeting of the Brown Township Zoning Hearing Board, which was set to be held Wednesday, was canceled. The meeting was planned to discuss a request by Centre Lime and Stone Company for a special exception for a proposed asphalt plant.

Teresa King, Brown Township secretary and treasurer, said representatives of Centre Lime and Stone sent a letter via email Tuesday saying the company was withdrawing its request.

“I am not sure what exactly is the reason,” King said.

She also said the company is going to withdraw their appeal from the decisions of the zoning hearing board following hearings in 2014. The appeal is currently under review in the Mifflin County Court of Common Appeals.

“There was no time to give notice to those not directly involved with the case,” King said. “That was why the cancellation was not advertised.”

A sign was placed on the door of the rental hall at the Reedsville Fire Co., where the meeting was supposed to be held, explaining it was canceled.

The story of the proposed asphalt plant began with the first hearing in April 2013, when Glen O. Hawbaker submitted a request, which ended in a denial of the waiver being sought. A month after the denial Glen O. Hawbaker filed for an appeal, which was also denied. After the appeal was denied Glen O. Hawbaker withdrew the appeal.

A few months later, in January 2014, another plan for an asphalt plant was submitted, this time by Centre Lime and Stone, a subsidiary company to Glen O. Hawbaker.

This plan was followed by several hearings where experts testified, along with residents, to voice their opinions on the proposed plan.

The Zoning Hearing Board made a decision to allow the plant, but did not approve the request for the exception to use a residential road for access to the plant. Again, following this decision, an appeal was filed through the Mifflin County Court of Common Appeal. No decision on that appeal has yet been made.

Now however, no decisions will be made at that level with the withdraw of the appeal.

King said she is not sure, at this time, if this means the company is regrouping to refile paperwork to build the asphalt plant or if they are going to build it somewhere else.