Boiler repairs halted during JCSD meeting

School board fails to pass motion to upgrade oil system, switch to propane

MIFFLINTOWN — The repairs for the boiler at the Lack-Tuscarora Elementary School are not moving forward following a vote at the Juniata County School District Board of Directors meeting Thursday night.

Two different plans for the boiler repairs were declined.

The first was a plan to allow the business manager to budget a not-to-exceed cost of $113,850, which would just be for the boiler upgrade. This plan did not go to a vote, since no board members made a motion on it.

The second was a plan to allow the business manager to budget a not-to-exceed cost of $304,332.60 for the boiler upgrade and a fuel switch from number two oil to on-site propane gas at Lack-Tuscarora Elementary School.

This plan was moved to a vote, but did not receive at least five votes. Five votes are necessary for any motion to pass.

Also during the meeting, Chad Herman, a resident of Greenwood Township, spoke at the beginning of the meeting to ask the school district for a full county reassessment for property taxes.

“It is no secret that we have high property taxes and that it is hard on residents,” he said. “I have already talked to the county and the Greenwood School District.”

Herman said it could help the school district gain more money from a reassessment. A reassessment has not happened in Juniata County in almost 43 years.

During the meeting the board also approved:

¯ An agreement with NHS Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, for the provision of educational services to Juniata County School District students;

¯ Revised Juniata County School District Police 707, Use of School Facilities;

¯ Contracting with Hummer Turfgrass Systems, Inc. for the 2017 Dietrick Field maintenance program, at a cost of $10,857;

¯ Facility request, in accordance with the rental fee schedule outlined in Policy 707 for: Tammy Brackbill, EJ Elementary Boys’ Basketball, EJHS Gym, Practice, Various Dates, Nov. 2- Feb. 11; S. Judd Gabel, Juniata Wrestling Club, JHS Facilities, match, Jan. 21;

¯ Juniata County School  District Policy 810, Transportation;

¯ Juniata County School District Policy 143, Standards for Persistently Dangerous Schools;

¯ Homebound instruction for: a Lack-Tuscarora Elementary School student, from a date to be determined through Dec. 14 and and East Juniata High School student, for one month, beginning Nov. 30;

¯ Student field trip requests for: EJHS students, grades 10-12, to go to South Hills School of Business and Technology, State College, Nov. 3; and EJHS NHS to the National Aquarium, Baltimore May 1;

¯ Resignations for: Ronda E. Ehrenzeller, Paul O. Engleman III, Karissa R. Sweger, Danielle M. Messimer and Denise L. Knepp;

¯ Employment for: Heather M. Fultz, Christopher S. Fry, Miranda R. Miller, Stephanie E. Wagner and Anne Frank Webb;

¯ Transfer of Misty A. Scott to Tuscarora Junior High School;

¯ First reading of revised Juniata County School District Policy 123, Interscholastic Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities;

¯ Pay $200, the cost of the insurance deductible assessed to the parents of a student who was injured during an evacuation at Juniata High School.

The next meeting of the JCSD Board of Directors will be at 7 p.m. Dec. 1  for reorganizational purposes for the board.