Board approves CDBG resolution

LEWISTOWN–The Mifflin County Planning Commission discussed the approval of the 2016 Community Development Block Grant resolution at its meeting Thursday evening.

Jim Lettiere, assistant director of planning and development for Mifflin County, said the Mifflin County Commissioners approved the 2016 CDBG resolution on behalf of Lewistown Borough, Granville, Derry and Brown townships Thursday morning.

Lettiere said the amounts for the county portion involves the Mifflin County Planning Commission and the advisory committee.

The total administering for Mifflin County is $622,651. The breakdown of the project funding is: Mifflin County, $218,346; Lewistown Borough, $118,595; Brown Township, $83,343; Derry Township, $110,377 and Granville Township, $91,990.

Lettiere also said the planning office has received 18 percent from all of the municipalities except for Lewistown Borough, which negotiated 15 percent.

“Lewistown Borough didn’t feel the commission needed the full 18 percent to administer the program for them,” Lettiere said.

Ultimately, the commission was able to reach a compromise with Lewistown Borough. Lettiere said the other 3 percent will be put back into project costs.

The planning commission has a cooperation agreement with the municipalities it administers funds for, an agreement it has been working on for close to a year.

Lettiere said at the end of the process, the planning commission has the county adopt an ordinance and finalize cooperation agreements.

“We don’t anticipate any push back from the other municipalities,” Lettiere said.

The applications to the state are due by Dec. 16. Lettiere said they are about 90 percent done and expects to have them in on time.

Also at the meeting, Bill Gomes, director of the Mifflin County Planning Commission, gave an update on the Juniata River Boat Launch.

Gomes said construction on the boat launch is nearing completion however, they are still waiting for approval on their permit request to build an additional parking lot.

Gomes also said he is trying to hold off on a grand opening for the boat launch until all construction and installation of signs has been completed.

“There are some concerns regarding the weather,” he said. “There have been no agreements to have the lot plowed.”

Gomes added the commission has also debated putting up a gate to discourage people from driving down there.

The planning commission is still discussing options on whether to proceed with a grand opening in December or if it is going to wait until spring.

The Mifflin County Planning Commission meets at 3:30 p.m. the fourth Thursday of each month at the Mifflin County Courthouse.