Remy: Man arrested for selling heroin

LEWISTOWN – A local man was arrested Thursday afternoon for selling heroin as part of a Mifflin County Drug Task Force search, Assistant District Attorney Mark Remy said.

Remy said Michael Bowersox was arrested in the parking lot between Puff-n-Snuff and Pop’s Deli on Electric Avenue in Derry Township, after a warrant was issued. Remy said Bowersox was reported to have previously sold six bags of heroin at the Giant store on South Dorcas Street in Lewistown.

“On Thursday, through the efforts of the Drug Task Force, Bowersox was arrested with five bags of heroin,” Remy said. “We believe he was in the act of selling at the time.”

Both of locations are in school zones, which means Bowersox potentially faces stiffer penalties, if convicted.

The Mifflin County Drug Task Force is made up of the District Attorney’s office, Mifflin County Regional, Lewistown and Granville Township police departments.