Marino reacts to House incident

LEWISTOWN – On Friday Rep. Tom Marino, R-Selinsgrove, and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., were involved in a testy exchange on the floor of the House of Representatives chamber following a speech from the congressman.

Marino was addressing the House on immigration issues and immediately following his speech Pelosi crossed over to the Republican side of the chamber, confronting Marino. The heated exchange was caught on video.

Marino issued a statement on Saturday following the exchange:

“(Friday) night, while recognized to speak during debate, I was confronted and interrupted by Ms. Pelosi. We exchanged words and she continued to pursue me; wagging her finger in my face and calling me an ‘insignificant’ person. Other members and I helped to calm nerves but I did not apologize and I have no intention to do so. She was out of line and out of control. If she considers another elected member of Congress insignificant, I can only imagine what she thinks of the millions of hard working Americans who send us to Washington with the simple expectation that we work to secure our borders.”