Former office for sale

MILROY – Discussion of the deed and possible sale of the former Armagh Township office building took center stage during the Armagh Township Supervisors meeting Thursday afternoon.

The new deed was prepared as a warranty deed to correct descriptions of the property. The parcel of land in question contained the park, fire house and office building. Now there are separate deeds for each of those pieces of property.

Vice-chairman Mike Reed made a motion to accept the new boundaries of the property and, once the new deeds are recorded properly, sell the former office building. Supervisor Gregg Bitner agreed to accept the boundaries, but did not agree with selling the property. Chairman Glen Boyer agreed with Reed, and once the deeds are recorded properly, the property will be advertised for sale through bids.

Also discussed during the meeting, was the possibility of adding a new officer to the Armagh Township Police Department. Reed said after looking at the budget for the police department it was determined the department’s expenses are close enough to expending its total budget of $100,000 that there is not funding available to allow for a new officer this year.

In other business:

An analysis has been completed of the Broad Street Bridge and will be submitted to PennDOT for approval before work can begin on the project.

The Armagh Township Supervisors meet at 3:30 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at the Armagh Township Office located at 283 Broad Street, Milroy, PA 17063.