Exception for asphalt plant shot down

REEDSVILLE – A request for a land usage variance to accommodate an asphalt plant in Reedsville was denied by the Brown Township Zoning Board Wednesday evening.

After six different hearings and countless individuals testimony, board solicitor John McCullough read the decision to the 30 residents in attendance at the meeting.

“Despite having met its burden of proof as to the objective factors required, Center Lime and Stone, was denied its request for a special exception to the zoning regulations by the board,” McCullough said. “Because it is in general terms against the public health, safety and welfare of the community.”

However, McCullough said that Center Lime and Stone was granted a variance allowing an easement for Three Cent Lane. This allowance is one that would only be of use if the special exception to the land usage zoning regulations had been granted.

Due to the written opinion related to the decision, not being available Wednesday night, the board was not allowed to comment on their decision.

Michael Henry, of Reedsville, commented after the decision saying that, while he was relieved, he believes there is still more work to be done.

“As a resident, knowing that this has been tentatively postponed makes me feel good,” Henry said. “However, this has not completely gone away, and I will not be satisfied until it is completely behind us.”

Another resident, Joan Renaldi, agreed with Henry that the plant could ruin the area. She said she was grateful that they, the residents, didn’t lose completely.

Elizabeth A. Dupuis, an attorney representing Center Lime and Stone, and Linus E. Fenicle, who represents a group of Brown Township residents, both denied comment until they could review the written decision of the board.

More information on the decision of the board and what the next step is for Center Lime and Stone will be available when the attorneys have an opportunity to review the written decision. When the written decision is available residents will be able to view and obtain a copy at the Brown Township Office.