CPW event helps raise money for ‘Bulldog’s’ relative

LEWISTOWN – After holding an event to help raise money for the Juniata Terrace Fire victims, Central Pennsylvania Wrestling is returning this Saturday to help raise money for a local woman stricken with cancer.

The great aunt of CPW’s own Dylan “Bulldog” Frymyer is battling cancer which has spread throughout her body.

Frymyer said in an effort to help Lori Bilger with medical costs, the CPW team will donate a portion of the proceeds from Saturday’s event, which will feature Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon. “The Love for Lori Fund” has also set up an account at

In addition to fighting cancer, Fymyer’s great aunt has a son with spina bifida, whom she cares for daily.

“My grandmother asked me to help, anything I can raise would be great,” Frymyer said.

Frymyer said they don’t make much profit from CPW events. Regardless, it has become a huge success.

Frymyer said his motivation has always been to help others, especially children.

“I want to give hope to kids. If we bring entertainment as well as help people, that’s what I want to do. It’s pretty surreal knowing you’re impacting somebody’s life,” he said.