Board votes to redistribute funds

YEAGERTOWN – The Derry Township Board of Supervisors voted to reallocate $250,000 from their paving renovations fund to the general fund for renovations at the former Army Reserve building.

The supervisors had signed the ordinance for the loan in June, that allowed the township to borrow $500,000 from Kish Bank.

Chairman John McCullough said they realized that instead of splitting the $500,000 loan they took out between building and pavement renovations, they feel they need to put all of the money into the building renovation.

“We just feel we are going to have to put the money in the renovation. We feel we are going to use up the money instead of using some for the pavement renovations. There is a lot of changes we need to make, primarily in the heating and air conditioning systems,” he said.

Additionally, Blossom Hill residents came out in full force to the meeting.

Residents were there to voice their frustrations over Berks Homes, the developer of their community. Residents requested an update of Berks’ plans for the community’s development and wanted to know if the construction of Geisinger Lane will be completed.

Gary McEwen, a representative of Berks Homes, answered questions posed by the residents of Blossom Hills.

He said, “(Berks Homes) were aware of what they had to do.”

One of the main topics discussed was road maintenance in the Blossom Hill community and, if Derry Township were to take over the maintenance of the road, would it still be considered a private one. Solicitor Jeff Snook, said once the road is dedicated to the township, the public will have access to it. However, the public will not have access to trails that are maintained by the homeowners association.

McEwen said residents and representatives of Berks Homes should schedule a meeting and Chairman John McCullough offered use of the Derry Township Senior Center.

In other business supervisors:

Voted to reject the current bids for a 2007 leaf collector vac & box and contact the two highest bidders and attempt to get between $7000 and $7500 for it.

Voted to defer action on a fiber optic permit renewal until they get the necessary paperwork.

Were thanked by Margaret Zook, one of the board of directors of the Mifflin County Library, for their donations to the library.

Voted to approve plans on the Wray’s Landscaping land development plan on the condition that certain changes are made.

Decided to have Jeff Snook bring the ordinance drafted for a shooting range to the next meeting.

Voted to have Kelly Shutes determine which projects need money and present them at the next meeting before they close out the JVB special construction account. Action needs to be taken on the remaining money in the account by Sept. 1, 2014.

Voted to approve database work on the township on-lot management program and that it not exceed $500

The Derry Township Board of Supervisors meets at 5:30 p.m. on the first and third Monday of every month.