United Way of Mifflin-Juniata achieves recertification

LEWISTOWN – The United Way of Mifflin-Juniata has successfully completed the national membership requirements for United Way Worldwide.

The requirements primarily assure transparency in the organization’s bookkeeping practices and board government, Executive Director Marie Mulvihill said.

“We have to be meeting those standards all year long, so it’s confirmation we’ve stayed on track all year long,” she said.

The annual certification process includes completing the membership requirements certification, membership investment and a survey of total resources generated, which captures the full extent of a community’s resource development efforts during the year. There are 13 requirements for United Way Worldwide membership along with verification of 47 indicators that a United Way demonstrates that it follows those requirements. This includes having conflict-of-interest policies in place and holding board meetings at least quarterly, among other guidelines.

Mulvihill said she dedicates an entire day to the fiscal report, while a checklist is provided to the board. Board members must mark “yes” or “no” on the list according to whether the local United Way has completed the line item. If “no” is checked, clarification must be provided.

“If we are unable to complete something, we have to explain why and they give us a year to take corrective action,” Mulvihill said.

The United Way of Mifflin-Juniata has achieved its certification for many years.

“It is important for us to maintain a high standard of accountability, and this is part of the process to confirm that our operations are transparent and meet or exceed United Way membership criteria requirements,” Mulvihill said.

The local United Way strives to improve lives in Mifflin and Juniata counties by looking at needs in the community and finding ways to address those needs. Donations to the organization are used where the benefit will be the greatest and can be made to the United Way of Mifflin-Juniata, 13 E. Third St., Lewistown, PA 17044 or visit www.mjunitedway.org. For more information, visit the website or call 248-9636.