Supervisors receive updates

MILROY – Residents of Armagh Township were again in attendance at the Monday afternoon Armagh Township Supervisors meeting, to continue to have questions answered about the way the board is operating.

During the public comment section at the beginning of the meeting resident Allen Harder told the board that the residents are not getting answers to any questions and that, as taxpayers, they deserve them.

“A board is supposed to be about doing work for the people,” Harder said. “From what I feel and see two of you are up there only to support your own agenda.”

Vice Chairman Mike Reed gave an update on two road maintenance projects. One of which was an update on a Broad Street bridge.

“The abutments for the bridge look good,” Reed said. “They do not need to be replaced, which will help to save money.”

Reed said the bridge project could be paid for two different ways. The first would use liquid fuels money, but Reed said that would be more expensive because a bridge engineer would need to come do a study. The second, Reed said, would be to use money from the general fund, which would not need studies to be completed in order to do the work. Supervisor Gregg Bitner said if there is enough money in the general fund and it would save money, then the township should utilize the cheaper option. The supervisors voted to table the discussion and wait to vote until the August meeting to allow the township engineer to look at the cost of a study and the township secretary to look at each account.

The other road project Reed spoke about was the paving of Electric Avenue. Reed said the cost would be about $9,000 for milling of the road from where the post office is to where the old pool hall was. The project would be paid for out of liquid fuels money and the project will be put out for bidding.

Bitner also brought up a possible cost saving measure for the township; having employees and supervisors pay part of the health insurance premiums.

“We, as supervisors, do not need to be provided health insurance by the township,” Bitner said. “The law says we can be provided it, but that it is not required.”

Residents at the meeting agreed with Bitner, some even shouted that the supervisors should not have insurance at all. Chairman Glen Boyer said this would need to be looked into as he believes that it is required.

“If this is something we really want to look into, we will get the solicitor involved,” Boyer said. “We typically act on his recommendations.”

Bitner also said that he has not yet received a set of keys for the school building. Bitner said if he does not receive a set of keys within the week he will call a locksmith to the school and have the locks changed himself because he believes he is the only supervisor who does not have a key to the school.

The Armagh Township Board of Supervisors meets at 3:30 p.m. on the first Monday of each month at the Armagh Township Building located at 224 College Avenue, Milroy.